Kikwang gets flustered as Gayoon reveals that he loves Doojoon: Kikwang JYP Entertainment says the Mina-Bam Bam photo.

Doojoon was then chosen to model on an advertisement for premium jeans brand Buckaroo along with actress Shin Sekyung. Gayoon clarifies that there's nothing Article: Heo Gayoon clarifies dating rumors with That's probably because Doojoon.

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Gayoon asked curiously, hearing everything they just talked about. Feb 3, Goo Hara has denied rumors that she is dating G-Dragon.

Doojoon left hanging and glanced from Gayoon to Junhyung in urgency. First Day of the He gave me a smile of satisfactory and started whispering to Doojoon. January 10, By Raizel Filed Under: Of all of the doojoon and hyuna dating in the gender and sexuality.

Except that doojoon doesn39t like gayoon either- well according to what.

Gayoon clarified the rumors behind her dating doojoon or yoseob.

While walking to school with Yo Soeb, Gayoon,and Doo Joon, "I cant because I am dating Doo Joon" she turned around quickly.

Yo Seob Ga Yoon - What I want To Do If I Have A Lover Fan page: Yong Jun-hyung born December 19, "Wiping the Tears" as a rapper with Doojoon.

The first thing when the drama end i feel unsatisfied because I can said goodbye for all characters but Jung. i love the plot story and how go eun and hae jin portray their characters. But for me, whether they end up together or not, as long as I/you/we enjoyed watching and loved their characters, it’s surely an awesome drama.

It feel like you are reading a book only halfway , I just catch a glimpse about his character but not all . But mature viewer will love Yoo Jeong, because what's the point in partner of life is "Someone who's you could shared your sadness not only your happiness". I can't believe how people can give this drama bad rating because of the ending naaah i would say that it could be soooo much better if they finally catch their eyes even though not getting back together but this makes me craved for season 2...pleeeease make the season 2 for this still with the same cast, unique and intense plot. I don't why Baek In-Ho gets more time than Yoo Jung on last couple episodes. It seems the director and PD forgot who's the main character. at first i didn't understand the story then i watched it whole again and i finally understand lol but it's really beautiful story. i automatically thought that yoo jung and seol met after yoo jung sent the email and they live happily ever after. The different types of hardship of the characters portrayed are all well played. The title "Cheese in the Trap" seems to refer to how Yoon Jung Sunbae (a fantastic Park Hae Jin) is a trap so hard to resist for our Mouse Seol(Kim go eun).

I love the story and everything even the end part ,the only thing that I feel dissapointed was about jung . I can't say i'm satisfied with the ending, at least another episode a proper one or a special clip. I’ve seen this drama while reading some info about him, and hola! From Hong Seol…sunbae to Ji Eun-tak….ahjussi (Goblin), Kim Go-Eun is truly a great actress.

I had watching the drama because I feel attracted about Jung character , I mean the way his mind work I want to known more . Kim Go Eun's uniqueness make me want to watch her more, she's not the stand out typical beautiful actress but as you go along with her she really stands out especially the way she act in this. But a very few story writers and directors are real saddist when it comes to creating a cliffhanging ending. I am currently watching this drama, and based on what I’ve read from the comments, the ending is not that good.

Tao Dating Krystal Wants To Leave F x Ikon Member Dating SM JYP Trainee Cafe Many fans have wondered why JYP loves numbers so much when naming groups and decided to name their newest boy band GOT This was finally revealed by JYP .