Of course, now all our events work on a minimum spend agreement which keeps our overheads to a minimum.

I wanted to stand out from the regular Speed Dating events other companies were hosting so started running unique events like Bowling Parties, Wine Tasting & Pub Crawls.

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She’ll have to bring something spectacular to guarantee a place in the live shows.

Havva Rebke She probably went into the Six Chair hell raiser as an outsider but immediately proved herself as a ballsy dark-horse with her bouncy performance of No Diggity.

I started running events at my local pub in South West London and initially offered all the tickets for free via online dating websites and friends.

I was quite naïve to the how the events industry worked and actually paid £200 to hire a function room for my first event!

I spend half an hour on social media, a quick check on what my competitors are up to and then I look at the numbers for the event that night, if we’re low on guys I often have to ring around and offer discounted tickets or sometimes free ones. I founded Dateina Dash in 2011 after attending a poorly ran Speed Dating event by another organisation.

I quickly realised that there was a huge demand for this type of service and thought that I could do it better.

The public have fallen love with Lauren and forgiven her for two very ropey auditions at Boot Camp so would inevitably pick up the phone for her in their thousands should she make it the live shows.

We’d like to say she’s a dead-cert to sail through judges’ houses but will her nerves let her down on the day?

The pint-sized pop star may not have the strongest voice in the contest but as it stands she’s certainly one of the more polished ladies on the show.

Sadly, it’ll probably be a battle between Havva and Monica for a spot in the live shows and when push to comes to shove, the odds are probably stacked in Monica’s favour. Sure, Kiera Weather has breezed through the show as a favourite but her heartbreaking take on I Will Always Love You – the song her mother used to sing to her as a child – proved the 18-year-old to be a serious contender for that £1 million contract.

Before the Six Chair Challenge, Kiera was probably going to make it to the judges’ houses and on a good day may have earned a spot on the live shows by the skin of her pearly whites, but now?