In the wake of the public shaming and punishment of horrible Hurricane Sandy troll @Comfortably Smug, there’s certain Twitter etiquette that needs to be urgently addressed.

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I enjoy sports and other outside activities with someone special or as a family.

My philosophy in life is to live happily on this earth and help people along the way to attain happiness as well .

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Then see ’em get hooked and vigorously RT you, not even caring that the “link” gives them a 404 page.

Fake url trolling can be educational public service for the internet masses. Just type out a fake link that appears real, long style (see above example), say whatever you want and Tweet away.

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I'm 27 years old, I wear S for a cup E, I've european origins and my hair are black.

Love biking in tha warm months not a fan of Winter..Houston, Texas, won the contract for the 2 km long Peerless Lake pipeline looping operation, near the remote community of Wabasca in Northern Alberta.