Let your and your date’s inner child come out with a trip to the local playground.Play on the jungle gym bars, hop-scotch, slide down the slides and take turns pushing each other on the playground swings.Every time you toss the ball you can ask a question and when the person receives it, they must answer and throw it back.

Museums give you a quiet place to wander around together and talk about the museum exhibitions.

In the process you will have the opportunity to learn more about your date. You’ll be surprised at the extensive variety of museums that exist which range from traditional to downright bizaar.

Sit down with your partner and brainstorm dates that each of you would like to go on.

Use the dates on this website to get the creative juices flowing and write down as many as you can.

Football: Just as with baseball, tossing a football back and forth can be great fun.

To make it easier, you may want to use a soft Nerf type style.This makes them quite versatile no mater how long you have been dating your partner.For a casual picnic lunch, make up a few sandwiches, some chips and soda or fruit juice.Tennis: grab a couple of rackets and balls and head to some local community tennis courts.If you have a high school near you, many have courts that aren’t used on weekends.If there is a sand box, build sand castles together.