I therefore considered this incident an attempt to Flee & Elude, which is a felony, and positioned myself to intercept the driver should they flee on foot." Wagner's comment about Butterfield stem from that trooper's fatal shooting last fall.

Butterfield was shot in the head by Eric John Knysz without warning or provocation after he pulled over Knysz for a traffic stop on Sept.

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Women on web cam in sturgis mi-7

Video from Wagner's dash-mounted camera shows him handcuffing the woman then taking her to his cruiser, where the conversation between the two is recorded.

The woman apologizes to Wagner, telling him she was trying to get home because she had gotten a call from her father informing her that the family's home had been broken into. Joseph County dispatchers confirm the report of the break-in to Wagner as the woman sits in his patrol car. "I honestly didn't see you." At the end of the audio captured from inside the car, Wagner asks the woman, "How'd you like having a gun pointed ...." The rest of his statement is inaudible. Joseph County Prosecutor John Mc Donough, who was asked by Michigan State Police to review the incident, focused on that statement in calling for Wagner, a 19-veteran of MSP, to be fired.

That's according to a written statement Wagner provided to Detective 1 Lt. April 15 when he spotted the woman's eastbound red Pontiac, which he clocked on radar going 77 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to the report.

Chuck Christensen after Christensen informed Wagner he was under investigation for allegations of excessive force. In-car video from Wagner's cruiser shows him doing a U-turn to catch up with the Pontiac.

Wagner has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation by MSP that is ongoing.

In a statement issued Wednesday, officials at MSP's Coldwater Post, where Wagner is stationed, said: "The video associated with this traffic stop clearly shows actions by the trooper that are not consistent with department policy.

She left practice wearing her baseball pants and hooded sweatshirt and got into her car after removing her cleats. (She) admitted to me during this interview she was driving too fast and was speeding," Christensen said in the report.

Once Wagner confirmed the woman's statement about the break-in at her home, she told Christensen, Wagner's demeanor changed and "he told her that they were 'going to take this as a learning experience' and explained he would be writing her a traffic ticket but added he should be taking her to jail because of her refusal to stop." "(The woman) told me at one point during this exchange she apologized to the officer about scaring him and he replied that it was okay and stated to her 'you didn't like having a gun pointed at you, did you?

Although nothing is the same as being here in Sturgis during the Rally and hearing the rumble of motorcycles going by, these web cameras are a way to check out the Rally. Images update every 30 seconds and will automatically refresh every 30 seconds.

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The Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ is the world's largest motorcycle rally and even if you can't make the trip, make sure to check out the excitement and energy of the Rally and downtown Sturgis via our web cameras.