This is a commonly held rule of thumb that still stands today, although the art of pairing wine with various types of food has grown far more sophisticated over the years.

Historical records indicate British wine merchants often repeated the adage “buy on an apple and sell on cheese.” In other words, if a wine tastes good with a sugary, acidic apple, it is likely to blend well with many cheeses.

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In addition to regional customs, some commonly held wisdom about pairing wine and cheese seems rooted in long-standing historical anecdotes and traditional adages, especially from around the time of the early British wine merchants.

For example, the adage is a traditional piece of wisdom based on the idea of matching the richness or body of a wine with the heaviness of a given food.

Dry Riesling with Smoked Gouda Brittany White with Garden Herb Sweet Bottom White 2016 with Sage Derby Some Like it Red with Maddie’s Gold Cabernet Sauvignon Meritage with Banklick Pub Sweet Bottom Red with Dark Chocolate Smoked Gouda is our version of a pasteurized cows milk creamy Gouda cheese with a slightly sweet Applewood smoke flavor.

The cheese is cold smoked over Applewood chips to give just the right amount of smoke flavor.

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