Then my friend would incite the crowd to be like, 'Look at that idiot! Will Ferrell is a happily married man for 16 years with his spouse Viveca Paulin who is a Swedish actress, since 12th Aug 2000.

They, are proud parents of three sons, Magnus Paulin Ferrell, Mat Ferrell and Axel Paulin Ferrell. Unlike other celebrity couples, the couple had no any disputes till date.

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“Sneaking in a #tbt from a couple years ago to when this guy was my best friend and I wouldn’t really admit to anything more…but we all knew,” Ferrell wrote on Instagram three months ago.

“#loveyoukitty #thebestfriend #immakeepyou.” Sneaking in a #tbt from a couple years ago to when this guy was my best friend and I wouldn't really admit to anything more…but we all knew.

After the graduation in 1986, he worked in the NBC television as an intern with later got his career attention by his humorous jokes and the ability of ad-libbing which landed him the laugh of the crowd.

After his acknowledgment, he went back to his parents and began his pursuit of a career in comedy, taking acting classes and landing parts in regional theater.

In late 2007, it was reported that for Ferrell movies averaged $8 of gross income but after his hits like in the year 2015. He has more than 9 million followers on the Facebook and 474k followers on the Twitter.

He has a net worth of million but his salary is not revealed yet. Besides these, he has salt and pepper hair and Blue-Green eyes.

Both big dog fans, the couple are the proud owners of three dogs as well.

They have known eachother for a longtime and was in relation which later turned into marrige in 2000..

Will Ferrell borrowed the Kardashian family foyer to deliver a charitable message on Thursday on his comedy website.

The 50-year-old comedian announced a fundraising campaign on Funny Or Die with Cancer For College, which grants college scholarships to cancer survivors.

Will and his comedy writing partner Adam Mc Kay, 49, founded Funny Or Die in 2007.