It's a score that works well for the series it was composed for, and it's also an interesting (if a little off-the-wall) soundtrack in its own right.

The score contains 24 tracks (59 min) and represents a major step up from the normal horror, suspense score.

The score isn't just about jump scares, but about building a mood that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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See W11's website for preliminary info on the new show. The Jerry Goldsmith Awards nominations are out today, and Stuart is delighted to once again be in the mix. Amidst all this, Last Belle director Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry were quietly putting together a teaser trailer for a new animated feature they hope to make.

We're Going On A Bear Hunt is nominated for Best Short Film Score, with the ceremony as part of MOSMA (Movie Score Malaga) on July 7th. It's Kensuke's Kingdom, adapted from the Michael Morpurgo book of the same name, and Stuart has composed new music for it.

The renowned soundtrack-reviewing platform Synchrotones, having previously raved about Stuart's Atlantis soundtrack ("A magnificent work"), ranks the WE'RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT as the 5th best score of 2016 (sneaking into the reckoning following its release on December 23rd).

Only pipped to the top spot by the likes of Hans Zimmer's Planet Earth II and the late great James Horner's The Magnificent Seven, reviewer Pete Simons says of Stuart and Bear Hunt: "playful and utterly has yet to disappoint me and I hope he will soon receive the exposure and recognition he so richly deserves." See the full list here.

The inspiration is clearly a bit of 80s fun as well with well placed and sounding synths that will jiggle your nostalgia bone." Geek Score: 87.2/100 Pete Simons of Synchrotones: "I've become something of a fan of Hancock's since hearing The Last Belle and We're Going On A Bear Hunt. The high-energy grungy side of the score isn't for me, I have to say; but I do like the electronics which often tends to be more laid back and atmospheric. " Darren Rea of Sci-Fi Online: "For those that have been following Stuart Hancock's output (I have, for one), his work on Crazyhead shows another side to his talents.

He has a real knack for lovely, whimsical orchestral writing. It's a very 'current' score, very much in line with what seems popular for television shows these days... This time around Hancock goes a little more electronic and dips his toe into upbeat, funky, rock-based themes.

It's a fascinating portrayal of British 1976 Olympic champion ice-skater John Curry, directed by James Erskine (One Night In Turin, EMR), and together with composing original cues, Stuart will be adapting and re-recording the glorious classical music to which Curry choreographed his balletic routines. July 13th - Bear Hunt in international Awards DOUBLE WHAMMY! Announced today: We're Going On A Bear Hunt sensationally pulls off the awards double, swooping in to claim the prestigious Music Sound Award for Best Original Composition in a Short Film. Stuart is in attendance at the 12th edition of the Jerry Goldsmith Awards as part of MOSMA (Movie Score Malaga).

See the full list of winners here and the trailer for Bear Hunt on the showreel page. The Jerrys have been a happy hunting ground for Stuart, and this year he strikes gold again with We're Going On A Bear Hunt picking up the award for Best Short Film Score, against particularly strong international competition.

There's a lot here to digest and enjoy." Rating: 8/10 July/August - THE ICE KING....

Stuart begins work on a documentary score, working title 'The Ice King'.

It's a very enjoyable evening meeting old friends and new, with legendary composers Trevor Jones and David Shire in attendance and enjoying outstanding live performances from Shire and Tyler Bates as part of the wider festival. With negotiations complete, Movie Score Media finally release Stuart's soundtrack to Crazyhead - the brilliant comedy-horror series from Howard Overman and Urban Myth Films.