."Kris has known Sara a long time and they have quite a few mutual friends.

In totally normal mother-daughter behavior, Kris Jenner sent her daughter Khloe a photo of herself in a bikini. (Except if my mom sent me a sexy photo of herself in a bikini, I would cry to my therapist about it for an hour instead of sending it to Instagram!

And then, because a Kardashian's bikini body is her fortune, Khloe shared the photo to Instagram.

And while the dreamy star is only just coming into the spotlight, people are definitely beginning to take notice! It's weird bringing out an album and not being single. It's a form of self-harm to try and not be yourself and not live your truth.

Sam recently talked to Ellen De Generes about his new relationship. Because when I brought out about how much he relates to the characters on the show. This show has made me look at the world and my relationships and try to be kind and have an open heart to people, because you truly never know what's going on in people's lives.” Brandon’s character interacts with people who have substance abuse problems, which is also something Brandon dealt with in real life. “I did a lot of drugs and I chose to quiet my truth and alter my perception to make it easier to be comfortable.” In an emotional post on Instagram, Brandon opened up about his sexuality.

Their romance lasted two years before it began to fizzle late 2016.“I would never let people get too close, I would push them away before they could hurt me,” Kris admitted to the solo-cam.“[That's] because I always thought they would hurt me [and so] I would never give them an honest chance to really, really know me.“I never valued myself and never thought I was good enough for anyone,” he heartbreakingly confessed.

The Myer ambassador’s co-stars were just as shocked as us to find out about the real reason it didn’t work out between him and Dannii and told him he was an “inspiration" to those struggling with the same issues.

The 36-year-old former rugby star has sparked rumours he's split with model Maddy King and moved on with someone new.

Neither party has confirmed a split, but a model Siobhan Parekh.

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