Damon doesn't live in our world; he lives in one where, in order to survive and protect his loved ones, he has to do very bad things.

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To celebrate the return of our favorite vamps, ET caught up with star Ian Somerhalder to get the exclusive scoop into Damon's mindset now that his soulmate is locked in a perpetual slumber -- totally normal problem, right?

-- and if Elena will still be a part of the storyline despite Nina Dobrev's departure from the show.

Candice and Joe [King] are incredible people and they're going to make incredible parents." A Do you think Damon will ever let another woman into his heart?

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Even more distressing considering the fact that things don't look too good for the biggest ship The Vampire Diaries has to offer. Of course, Delena fans shouldn't fear the worst though — considering Paul Wesley has also signed on for Season 7, a Stefan and Elena end certainly won't be the answer. And series creator Julie Plec herself seemed to hint that Delena's story is hardly over when talking about the end of Season 6: There is quite the doozy of a storyline coming for Damon and Elena, which is all about their relationship, and how it will work, and how they want to make it work ...

According to Deadline, while Dobrev is leaving after Season 6's May finale — though the exact reasons are unclear, contract negotiations seem at least partially responsible for the surprisingly friendly split (Dobrev announced her TVD parting on Instagram with a sentimental post about her co-workers) — Ian Somerhalder, the blue-eyed dream who plays Damon, has signed on for Season 7 of the CW series. The nice thing is they found their way back to each other, and that's good, we want them to have made their way back to each other. And when you throw a mother and some other surprises into the mix, it definitely tests them in fun and really dynamic ways.

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Last April, fans were devastated when Dobrev dropped the news that she would be leaving the hit CW series, and when we said goodbye to Elena in that shocking season six finale, we sobbed a river of tears.

Though Dobrev has not returned to the series since season 6 (save for a voice cameo in season 7), TVLine reported in August that the show is in talks to bring Dobrev/Elena back for at least one episode of season 8. News he's wary about a Delena reunion because he doesn't think Damon necessarily deserves it: "I do know that's a very much anticipated storyline but I honestly just don't know... No one said these two had to be great people in order to be a great couple.

[Damon and Stefan] came into her life, and they destroyed it. If Elena were my best friend, I'd tell her to run the hell away from this guy and find some nice pre-med student to settle down with at Whitmore College.

Now as we move into the next chapter of the supernatural saga, we caught up with Somerhalder at the first-ever live Words With Friends tournament to benefit the ASPCA in Los Angeles last week, and he promised fans that even though Elena is gone, she will "There is a really incredible evolution of the story that is going to happen and she's still within the story," the actor revealed to ET.