Westwick added: “I was looking at a picture of her from the start of Gossip Girl, then the current ones, and it’s like, er, two different people. While Ed has recently been in Germany filming his new movie None.

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Speaking to Australia’s NW magazine, Ed said: “I think they’re all good in their own way. I mean obviously Taylor’s a bit too young but the others are all good in their own way.” He also reckons Taylor’s undergone a transformation since she first appeared in Gossip Girl. He blew her a kiss at one point, and everyone in the room saw.” Earlier this month, a rep for Szohr was forced to deny rumours she had embarked on a new romance, after she was said to have struck up a relationship with another actor, Richard Reid.

The actress has now gone for a more ‘rock chick’ look in suspenders and platform heels as she fronts her band, The Pretty Reckless. I’ve got a great appetite for um, everything.” Ed has previously claimed he would have sex in public to dispel rumours he is gay. ended his two-year relationship with series star Jessica Szohr following reports that the beauty had been secretly seeing other guys through much of their union.

"It's a touchy, tough thing that you pray it's not true and...outside of even him...

I'm glad that there's notice being put on it for women that are going through it." A substantial amount of the conversation covered Westwick, and also revealed that Szohr has spoken to her friend since allegations broke.

” Jessica made sure to note that she “wasn’t there, for either side, so I can’t say it did or didn’t happen.

But I know him well and I’ve known him for years, and I found it shocking.

He made his feature film debut in Children of Men (2006) and has since appeared in the films Breaking and Entering (2006), Son of Rambow (2007), S. Edgar (2011), Romeo and Juliet (2013), Bone in the Throat (2015), Freaks of Nature (2015), and Billionaire Ransom (2016).

He currently plays Vincent Swan in the BBC Two television comedy series White Gold (2017).

"It's a difficult subject right now for anyone that's involved on either side," Szohr said.