Somehow I survived camp and even learned there were RULES in triathlon, such as staying a few bike distances apart from the person ahead of you.This blew my mind; I printed off all the rules and read them thoroughly before my first race.

I grew up swimming, biking, and running all the days long as a youth in the New England area and Rob and I would spend time together swimming, biking, and running as fun and healthy outlets to spend time together outside the stressors of our professional lives and to be with friends.

This grew to a point where I became and felt more comfortable with the idea of putting all three elements together and felt ready to make a real go of triathlon and put my heart and mind into it. Ever since I saw my very first tri on TV many, many years ago where someone crawled across the finish line, I've been interested but never had the courage to enter one. I had trained for my first 13.1 in 2012 (Arizona Distance Classic) and completed it when they said they were going to be doing a triathlon in San Diego.

How many of you had people in your lives that created opportunities for you to test your fullest and deepest strengths, abilities, and skills?

How many of you had genuine, loving, and compassionate adults in your life that were mindful of creating positive growth experiences in preparation opportunities for adulthood?

My competitive nature on the court has actually gotten me uninvited to some teams because I'm "too competitive." Of course, being competitive and willing to push myself usually beyond my physical ability and wanting so desperately to get stronger, faster, leaner, etc., when most women my age (I will be 57 next week) are hanging up their shoes, did garner an invite for the USA 55s team that will be going to Brazil for the World Masters Volleyball Championships.

It is not a sure thing but the invite was extended, and I said yes. I continue to do triathlon because, I say, I'm fighting old age and gravity every step of the way.

All I remembered from that experience is that I though I would drown in that disgusting lake and nobody would ever find my body.

I had only trained in a pool up until that time and had no idea how difficult it would be swimming in choppy water with so many other people encircled around me in what felt like bubbling vegetable soup.

Well, it seems, if you hang around crazy long enough, you will become it.