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The Great Depression slowed construction in the ensuing decade, although the population continued to grow, largely aided by the presence of the western terminal of Chicago's rapid transit line. However, the Interstate Highway System's creation in 1956 led to the construction of nearby expressways I-290 and I-294, providing residents with convenient travel.

Expansion has consumed nearly all open land within the village, save for the 85-acre (340,000 m of 2010, there were 16,718 people residing in the village.

While we hope this will be one of our most successful years yet, we recognize that we are standing on the shoulders of the alumni who went before us.

We know that any and all success that our Alumni Association attains is driven by the Board of Directors, committee volunteers, the Director and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations (Debbie Naughton & Jenna Birch ’06), and most importantly, by you.

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Your loyalty and passion for West Chester University is what makes our Alumni Association stand out from the rest.

The area now known as Westchester was occupied by German farmers dating back to the mid-19th century.

Westchester is home to Westbrook Corporate Center, located at Wolf Road and Cermak Road.