Our focus is on activities such as trivia, archery, ice skating, cycling, walking, dinners, movies, and drink and coffee meetups, karaoke and others and we have an event or two on EVERY DAY and a really great social event (nearly) EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT!

Everyone who comes along finds our events to be friendly, relaxed and well organised and we only have a few hosts so that you are sure to see a familiar, friendly face!

Dmitry Grachyov (bottom right) was convinced his 25-year-old wife Margarita (left and top right, in hospital) had cheated on him after she demanded a divorce.

He drove her to a forest, after lulling her into a false sense of security that he accepted her wish to end their marriage and jointly raise their two young sons.

We like to introduce people around (just ask the host to do so)... A few things about our fantastic group-* ALL OUR EVENTS ARE TOTALLY FREE AND WILL STAY THAT WAY!!!

EXCEPT that we pick only ONE event a month and request a gold coin donation - this is to cover the meetup fee that Organizers have pay to use the meetup site and phone calls and balloons etc...

SO JOIN OUR FANTASTIC GROUP AND COME TO AN EVENT NOW! Organisers can not stop people from emailing each other so if you receive an email that you are uncomfortable about - don't react- just 'block' that person or you can go to your profile and change the email setting so that you only get emails from Organisers.• PHOTOS-*A real life photo of yourself is requested for the site.* Please do not upload photos of events as we prefer that only our hosts do that.

COMMENTS-Any inappropriate or offensive comments that are not aligned with our intention of being a social group will be removed and the member will be banned as well.Darren Stephens, 43, stabbed two strangers in an attack outside a bar in St Kilda, Melbourne in October after a disagreement.He pleaded guilty to the attack on Friday, and also admitted to punching his mother, biting her left thumb and then returning to her house to set it on fire, according to Nine News.If you have any queries, please just leave a comment on the meetup site!Please note that sometimes it is difficult to find a park so allow yourself time and you might have to walk a bit to the starting point.He bound her so she couldn't run and forced her onto her knees with her arms on a tree stump, and was ecstatic after severing her limbs.