The site’s privacy settings also ensure users aged 13 to 17 are removed from the public searches and can only post content to friends of friends.

A former USC professor once on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted fugitives list pleaded guilty Friday to flying to the Philippines and sexually assaulting underage boys he groomed online. He also would be subject to 10 years supervision upon release and must pay ,000 in restitution to his seven victims. He was captured in the Mexican coastal town of Playa del Carmen after a resident recognized his photo from a newspaper.

“I meet a lot of parents who would be quite at ease talking to their kids about anything else, any other kind of behaviour that might induce risk to them or might be part of growing up but have a complete blindspot when it comes to talking about their internet activity.” Children “knowing more” than adults about technology is “often one of the mental barriers for parents”, he added.

“But it’s possible for a parent who perhaps doesn’t know much about the internet still to have a sensible conversation with their kid about how to stay safe and certainly make sure that they’re doing what they can to exercise control over the way the device can be used and also make sure their kids are aware of the risks.” Mr Davies also warned offenders there was “no hiding place”, adding: “There’s nobody out there who is too technically proficient to escape detection.

The unit receives 200 to 300 reports of concerns each month from members of the public through the “Click CEOP” button on websites and about 30% of these relate to online grooming, the equivalent of about 20 reports a week, figures showed.

Mr Davies went on: “We’re also seeing an increasing trend of child abuse being committed to order for money.

Convicted pedophiles in Australia are to be banned from traveling out of the country in a bid to stop child-sex tourism.

Some 20,000 child-sex offenders will have their passports canceled under new laws.

() Sex tourism, child prostitution, and human trafficking are closely linked in the Philippines.

Corruption and prostitution are flourishing because of the country's inability to enforce law and prosecute criminals.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has defended tough new penalties such as chemical castration and the death penalty for tackling sex crimes.

He said there would be "no compromise" for child sex offenders.

The brand was one of some 800 companies allowed to use the royal coat of arms.