Police were alerted in December 2014 and the defendant was arrested on suspicion of voyeurism.He claimed that he initially installed the cameras because he suspected people in the houses were taking drugs, although during an early police interview he admitted secretly filming people for his own sexual gratification.

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Detectives believe he secretly filmed dozens of people while listing one of his properties on the online site.

Last week, authorities filed three more charges against Natt after even more couples came forward.

Former Longboat Key Airbnb host Wayne Natt is facing even more charges of video voyeurism.

In October an Indiana couple called the police after noticing a camera inside a smoke detector at one of Natt’s properties.

An audio visual specialist who rigged two houses with covert cameras so he could film people for his own sexual gratification has been jailed for voyeurism offences.

Stuart Wynne, aged 50, of Ruby Walk, King’s Hill, West Malling, was jailed for 30 months by Judge Simon James at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday 28 April 2017.

Wynne rigged up covert cameras in two houses, one in Beltinge, Herne Bay, and one in Hoath.

At the house in Beltinge cameras were hidden in the main bathroom, under the sink in the downstairs toilet, and in a ceiling fan and an infra-red alarm case in a spare bedroom.

Sentencing him to 30 months in prison for the five offences, Judge James said the victims had been ‘violated’ by Wynne videoing and copying images of them and he had caused a great deal of upset and stress.

Judge James said the offending had involved a ‘significant’ degree of planning and a ‘callous’ abuse of trust and that instead of admitting he was filming for his own sexual gratification, Wynne made up stories about why he did what he did, seeking to blame everyone other than himself.

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