In the last two decades, food as a cultural phenomenon has become one of the most visible narrative categories in discourses of the old and new media.

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Cultural theorists at the beginning of the new millennium claim that the concept of cultural identity acquires broader meaning and more prominent status in various spheres of individual and group existence.

Notions of self-identification, self-consciousness, self-definition and belonging appear on a scene which is, on the one hand, under the influence of globalisation and, on the other hand, it frames identity not only within national, but more often within regional and local perspectives.

They need more complex mechanisms that link their present with their past, in both the tangible material sense of artefacts and the intangible mental categories of ideas, traditions, practices and events.

And they look for them in various texts, media narratives including.

Consciously or unconsciously, they read texts in order to find out answers about their identity, belonging, social status, etc.

What they need is much more than simple symbols like flags, anthems, or coats of arms in order to understand, present and represent their new identity or identities.

The end of the twentieth century geopolitical changes has not only resulted in the creation of a new map of Europe and its fading borders, but it has also redefined many nation states and created more culturally diverse societies within the new Europe.

People in these revised states and societies feel the need to determine who they are, where they come from, and where they belong.

Vermeulen and van den Akker (2010) believe that metamodernism finds its "clearest expression in an emergent neoromantic sensibility [...] in the return of the Romantic, whether as style, philosophy or attitude".

They see its reflection in the works that replace postmodernist rationalism (sarcasm, indifference, ironic deconstruction) with the perspective of childlike naivety and a desire for metaphysical truths, and the postmodernist focus on pastiche and parody with the tropes of the irrational (nature, the primitive, sublime, mysterious).

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