The emperor bestowed him the title of king, and the leader of the martial art sects views him as his own son.

Yet, he has long distanced himself from the humanly affairs of the world, hiding within brothels to await his unforgettable love of three lifetimes.

But, the discovery of his parent’s ugly secrets changes him overnight; he vows to never love again, burying his tender soul in the depths of his icy heart, becoming a cold and ruthless person.

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Instead, he grows up with a big heart for the world. Accompanied by Ru Ge since his childhood, he harbors deep affections towards her. But, he never speaks of his feelings, and chooses to silently guard her instead.

One of the members of the popular Taiwanese boy group F4, Ken Chu denied reports that he got married with his Chinese actress girlfriend, Vivien Han Wen Wen.

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It sounds quite depressing tbh 🙁 Characters Dilraba Dilmurat as Lie Ru Ge She is the daughter to the leader of the entire martial arts sect, the heir of the biggest estate in jianghu, every senior disciple’s favorite “little sister”, simple and bright, like the world’s purest treasure. For the longest time she thought it was the greatest pain in the world.

To her, he is always joking around, his heart impossible to read. He would sacrifice himself and jump into the abyss of death without a moment of hesitation if it could ensure her safety.

He bears the curse of unrequited love, forever lonely. Zhang Bin Bin as Zhan Feng He is Flame Mountain Estates’ senior disciple, a man of few words, but possesses great fortitude.

According to The Straits Times, citing Hong Kong media outlet Apple Daily, the proposal is believed to have taken place last month during Yu’s birthday.

At the time, she wrote on her social media accounts: “ He added that the couple has no plans to hold a wedding reception at the moment.

She is the pure energetic flame, Flame Mountain Estates’ Lie Ru Ge.

Vic Zhou as Yin Xue He is mysterious and unpredictable, powerful, with a handsome face; one who is respected by the world.

In the series, he starred as a playboy detective while she played a waitress his character was indebted to.