It would have been very stressful if we had tried to come here and get around on our own.Janu can arrange tours anywhere in India, and he linked us with Kunal Rakshit of Experience Varanasi for this final portion of the journey (since we had to fly one hour from Delhi).

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In my first post about this holy city, we visited Buddhist Sarnath and Hindu temples with Experience Varanasi tours.

Now, we’ll join holy men at the banks of the Ganga, the famous river that flows throughout India.

Yukiro and I arranged our India trip with Janu Private Tours.

It made the world of difference to travel with our own private guide, car, and driver: we were able to see multiple cities in a short time, and never worry about the logistics. Janu and his guides were always on hand to answer our questions expertly, and with a smile.

Simply take precautions and be aware, and you won’t run into any difficulties. Our guides always recommended delicious Indian restaurants that prepared food carefully, as foreigners are not accustomed to the local water.

We ate extremely well here, even though we avoided street food as a precaution.

We were glad Kunal was there to explain everything.

For example, holding hands is merely a platonic, friendly gesture in India.

(Although the government did establish the freedom of sexual orientation and the third gender, as I discussed in the Jaipur post.) What’s the deal with the cattle everywhere?

Cows are considered sacred by Hindus: they provide life-sustaining milk, and drawings show the gods and goddesses living inside a cow.

Our driver, Ravi, was an expert at navigating through the “free for all” streets.