For me, a soapy perfume is creamy and clean a la Allesandra del Acqua or maybe Jlo Glow. "..she was coming closer, he could smell the scent of her body mixed with soap..." I have this phrase in my mind, taken from books, that, to me, really describes the feeling of this perfume. I have found one fragrance with similarities which is Toni Gard but she's discontinued also and more powdery.To me this smells salty with the other primary notes being perhaps heliotrope, nutmeg, sandalwood, maybe hyacynth but I struggle to pinpoint the notes with this. ❀ Sicily opens sour but quickly softens & becomes creamier. I feel luxury soap, jasmine, a bit of bergamot, white flowers, and - banana! All these years later and this one still kicks ass. The ''SICILY''made in the Italian Perfumery is not on sale anymore;made by Procter&Gamble..... It's soapy, clean, feminine, oozes luxury and I found always gave many compliments. This fragrance brings the genuine Italian temperament of the people of this beautiful island where the time is measured in moments and feelings in eternity.

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It wasn't my type of perfume at all and it caused me terrible headache like everything with aldehydes, but I kept wearing it every day because perfume was warm like sunshine in the midday, that was the only way I could afford the trip to my imaginative Sicily. In the beginning to feel a bit of sun-warming oil, warm, sweet, I suspect it gives a nutmeg. Its really oriental, unusual these perfume are for sure. On paper and on my skin this perfume just did not work for me.

From the oriental / floral or aldehyde / floral category. Bananas do not smell at all and the roses do not smell at all. I discovered this scent 6 years ago when i was in high school and it become my favorite .

With rooms featuring a sea view over Taormina, the Jonic Hotel Mazzarò awaits you in the relaxing setting of an elegant art nouveau villa, just a short walk from the cable car that connects to the town’s historic center, and only a short stroll from the Bay of Isola Bella.

Among 3 star hotels in Taormina, the Jonic Hotel Mazzarò enjoys a unique location, sea front hotel at the center of the Bay of Mazzarò, one of Sicily’s most fascinating and prestigious coastlines.

I often buy it in a Cleopatra a fragrance shop on my country , who has the essence and they try to make it like a copy of Sicily and other perfumes . Never tried the original one because is way to expensive for me .

But if the smell is like the one i buy , then this perfume its the class itself . Truly there is absolutely nothing like this one that I have smelled yet.

Ding ding ding yezzz its me : D So I moved recently and found this obscure perfumery that has a bunch of old stock and they got several bottles of Sicily! The drydown is a beautiful mix of the jasmine and nutmeg. I can see why this was discontinued because D&G is taking a weird turn, look what they did to D&G redcap.

Anyway Sicily its definitely a particular scent, it could be a vintage perfume because it doesn't quite fit the time it was released.

So glad I stocked up just as it was getting hard to find. It was soapy and strong like Chanel 5 which I hated. I was in Sicily in Taormina, in 2012, it does not necessarily smell indentical. I have been following fragrantica for many years, and as such I decided to do a blind buy with this perfume several years ago. But, an old school soap bar that you used when you where a little girl.