This includes, but is not limited to, adding and dropping classes or changing your mode of instruction (online vs. Yes, you must attend class and submit assigned work in order to receive benefits.The VA only pays for classes you attend and complete.The VA will allow you to fail a course without having to pay money back, as long as you attended the entire semester.

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All dependents regardless of chapter will submit a VA Form 22-5495.

These forms are submitted directly to the VA and cannot be processed by our office.

Once your classes end, the VA considers the semester over.

It is especially important to remember this when you are registering for summer classes.

During a regular semester (16 weeks), undergraduates enrolled at least 12 hours and graduates enrolled in at least 9 hours are considered full time.

Additional term lengths are indicated on the table below.Classes that only go through part of the term will affect your rate of pursuit.For example, if you sign up for 12 credits for the 1st half of the semester, you will only receive benefits for the 1st half of the semester regardless of how you are classified by the university.If you are concurrently enrolled in classes at Tarleton AND another school, remember that you also need to request to be certified for your Tarleton class.Simply indicate the class and Tarleton as the institution on the form.If a graduate program requires a student with a bachelor’s degree to pursue undergraduate courses to satisfy admission requirements for a graduate degree program, then the courses required for admission may be certified as part of that graduate degree program.