There are different ways to uninstall a Quick Time codec.First of them is just trashing the component file from the /Library/Quick Time folder.

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Quick Time is an extensible proprietary multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc., capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity (as seen in Wikipedia's entry).

Quick Time natively comes with a number of popular and general-purpose codecs, including H.264, DV, JPEG, MPEG4 Video, ...

Play your video file again this time and you should be able to listen to the sound as well.

Most of the sound related issues are brought about by missing codecs that do not come with Quick Time.

This is really straight forward but has an inconvenient as if codec is required again you should have to download, unzip and copy the component file just trashed.

Apple reportedly has plans to deprecate support for Quick Time for Windows, according to a research note issued Thursday by software security firm Trend Micro, which found a pair of new vulnerabilities in the software.Case: My downloaded files are playing, but with no sound on my windows 7 installed PC, I don’t know what is the reason, Any help?Solved: Recommended settings for windows systems (Xp, Vista and Win 7) If you already have Quick Time installed, launch the player and then follow these steps.To play an AVI file a media player must have all the needed codecs. Case: I am trying to play an AVI file, the video plays well, but the sound doesn’t come out.I have checked all the hardware and they seem okay.Quick Time may not give any sound during playback, especially if the video is encoded in a format that Quick Time cannot read.