The method isn't simple, but it is possible - and Microsoft's Xbox Support website has revealed a 20-step guide to the process.

First, you'll need to find out which operating system number your Xbox One is currently running.

updating games 360 firmware-42

It is not a replacement for the online update." ORIGINAL STORY: Xbox One requires a day one update as soon as you get your console, but what happens if you can't connect it to the internet?

Perhaps you're somewhere without wireless, or without a way of easily plugging in an ethernet cable?

There are two ways to do this: either copy the update to a USB flash drive or download the update to your computer and then update your Xbox 360 console.

First, connect up a USB flash drive to your computer and make sure it has enough free space on it.

In this case, the update does the one thing the previous one, and the one before that all did: improve system performance.

This is just another way of saying ‘improved stability’, but Sony probably got bored of repeating the same patch note in every release.That said, anyone who runs into difficulties now may be forced to go through Microsoft support channels to get the files they need, rather than simply obtain them from Microsoft's server."That file was never designed to replace the day one update," Microsoft exec Albert Penello explained via Neo GAF.Regardless, you will need to install it if you’re going to play online.It should download and install automatically if your PS4 is in Rest Mode.Also, make sure it’s formatted as FAT32 and not NTFS.