When most people think about innovation, they think of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google because those companies appear to have some kind of magic that other organizations lack.

I was hoping to purchase PLI materials at a discounted rate from someone on this site.

Was going to purchase OMNI prep due to their guarantee, but it looks like most posters here are recommending PLI.

Regarding the search function, if you enter in a string of words, it will search for that exact string, and you don’t need quotation marks.

I found this especially helpful with the questions asked in the negative, where you have to find which phrase was untrue.

Please also note commonly repeated questions and old exams.

Q1) Red or Black Ink (Examiner’s Amendment) Q2) Titanium Baseball (Pulic Use/Printed Publication) Q3) Mirror (Inherent Function) Q4) Submitting Tables on CD-ROM Q5) Amending the Abstract – PCT Q6) Obviousness Q7) Claiming, Deleting and Reclaiming Benefit Claim Q8) Missing Parts – PCT Q9) Correcting PCT Applications Q10) Suspended Practitioner Q11) Digital Media for Gene Sequence – Biotechnology Q12) 1.131 and 1.132 Affidavits Q13) International Search Reports – PCT Q14) Costa Rica and Sweeden – PCT Q15) Spanish Phone – Design Q16) Lip Gloss/Ship Bell (Experimental Use) Q17) Velcro (Trademarks in Claims) Q18) Small Entity Status Q19) Mexican Nationals – PCT Q20) Information requested from USPTO Q21) Trade Secret Question Q22) Germany – PCT / Patent Term Q23) Broom Q24) Japanese Patent Q25) Electric Fan Q26) Maintenance Fee Paid / Check Returned Q27) Reissue (variant of Tommie and Jo) Q28) Means plus Function variant of Door Handle (Determining Equivalence) Q29) Death of inventor before application is filed Q30) Canadian Patent Agent in the USA Q31) Chemical Claim Q32) User Pass Q33) Indefinate Claim USing ‘High’ Q34) Investigating Deceptive Intent Q35) 2 Month Rule for Final Office Action Q36) Notice of Appeal Q37) Terminal Disclaimer Q38) Piecemeal Q39) Advisory Action Q40) Assignment Q41) Documents Requiring Signatures Q42) Missing parts in PCT Application (30 days) Q49) Rejection after Allowance Q50) Appeals Q51) Best Mode Q52) Multiplicity Q53) Reissue/Filing Amendment Q54) Australia (30 Month) – PCT Q55) Basic filing fee Q56) Restriction Requirement / Continuation Application Q57) 102(a): Need to file foreign language translation Q58) Exam Concept – Appeal Q59) PTO-892 Q60) Anticipation Q61) PCT Publication Q62) 102 and 103 Rejections Q63) TP Submissions Q64) Restriction Q65) CPA Q66) Claims Q67) Obviousness Q68) Hydrocyclone Hi all, Thanks for putting this one together.

You can search the MPEP by chapter (so you have to know where to find the answer) or you can search the index of all the chapters. the MPEP text is pretty small which can be hard to read. For the questions I wasn’t sure such as: what is in accordance with the MPEP rules or what is not in accordance or questions type ….except I knew in what chapter to look and I typed the main word in “find” and I got the answer they were looking for.

The first 50 questions I answered in 1 hour so I had 2 hours to review and correct.

I went in my car had a bite to eat and reviewed the 2003/2002 exams with answers. Reply “Several questions were new, and a surprising number were ambiguously written.

Disproportionately weighted subject matter was: actions during appeal (i.e.

I believe it is the correct priority date 16 months, (the 4 month alternative didn’t come into play). I still recommend doing old questions as the best way to study.