But these festive ornaments aren’t the only things that interfere with your signal.There are others that disrupt your internet shopping or Facebook habit.

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Your router transmits wi-fi by working on one of several available channels – essentially frequencies that a wireless network can operate on.

Modern day routers will try to choose the best and least congested one automatically, but sometimes that might mean you and your neighbour are operating on the same channel.

You have to make the effort to give the good chat because each of you need 50 likes in order to see the other’s photo in its entirety.

And although the prospect of earning a visual of your mystery person based on how many double taps someone gives your conversation is pretty terrifying (here’s looking at all the kids who delete Instagram posts that receive any fewer than 20 likes) the intention of the ‘game’ seems straight forward enough.

We just don’t need things like Christmas lights getting in the way of uploading our latest Instagram pics.

In a world where we live our lives online, having a fast, reliable connection is more important than ever.

Ever wondered why your wi-fi gets worse when you hold a big house party?

Nope, it’s not that just that they may be a lot of people hogging/stealing it all at once.

Here are 5 other surprising things that can slow down your connection.