Horrifying footage has emerged of a distraught father appearing to kill himself with a gun on Facebook live - because his daughter had chosen to marry without his approval.Ayhan Uzun, from Kayseri, central Turkey, can be seen speaking to the camera and unleashing a tirade of abuse against his family before putting a handgun to his head.

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The 54-year-old pulls the trigger on the count of three after saying his final words: 'Goodbye, I am leaving, take good care of yourselves.'Mr Uzun immediately collapsed to the floor in the footage, which has not been independently verified.

He had earlier revealed that the reason for his suicide was the impending marriage of his daughter without his permission.

It is seen as a curtain alienating creation from the divine source and an illusion which called the Zāherī or the Exoteric side to reality.

The hidden or true nature of creation is called the bāṭenī or the esoteric.

I said to her why didn't you come to tell me, and she said: "We cannot make a personal visit to you..."'Maybe some of you will call this a show.

I do not want anybody to go through this thing that I am going through.

The phrase "For the love of God-Muhammad-Ali" (Hakk-Muhammed-Ali aşkına) is common to several Alevi prayers.

For some, the linking of the three seems polytheistic and not in line with monotheistic Islamic teachings, but Alevis counter that such people do not understand the bāṭenī The Twelve Imams are part of another common Alevi belief.

This confession is pronounced in Turkish: "Dört kitab'ın Dördü de Hâkk".