But locked room mysteries aren’t just Poirot’s home turf—more than a few SFF authors haven’t been able to resist the lure of the format, crafting fiendish puzzles in science-fictional contexts (locked rooms beget locked spaceships easily enough).The 10 books listed here offer fantastic sci-fi mysteries that rival anything in Christie’s oeuvre., by Mur Lafferty A locked-room mystery nestled comfortably inside a big-idea sci-fi premise, Lafferty’s latest is a interstellar page-turner that puts an innovative twist on cloning tropes.Berlanti and Schechter met with the casts and crews of their series in the days after the allegations surfaced in a report. 10 at the time of Kreisberg’s suspension, 19 women and men who worked on the Warner Bros.-Berlanti shows described being subjected to or witnessing incidents similar incidents of inappropriate touching and endemic sexual harassment.

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This month’s recommendations and honorable mentions, especially for science fiction, are also fairly light. A photograph of the Smithsonian display accompanies the bugle, along with as letter of thanks from the Associate Curator of the Division of Political History.

There were still several good stories, though, and the 238th number of So would I include a love story in a zombie survival novel? A group of survivors learning how to be tough in a world full of remorseless yet stupid predators? You may not believe this but your average T-rex was either an idiot or a drunk or both. It makes me glad to know someone has preserved this sort of thing, although I could not afford to own it: “The Bugle Which Sounded Taps for Lincoln”. And come to think of it, if I had that money I wouldn’t be spending it on a collectible. It has been consigned for auction by a direct descendent of Hiram Cook whose notarized affidavit accompanies the lot.

, “the historic bugle has been located in Columbus and will be used in blowing the assembly call in the ‘Pageant of Memories’ which will be given at the state G. Andrew Kreisberg has been fired from his role as executive producer on superhero dramas “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow” amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Television Group has terminated Andrew Kreisberg’s employment, effective immediately,” said the studio in a statement. Television, which produces the DC Comics-inspired dramas for the CW, suspended Kreisberg Nov.

10 from both productions and launched an investigation into multiple claims of sexual harassment on the series.

A mission that will test different methods to clean up space junk is getting ready for launch.