I hope the SQ/EN/DE is growing and gaining users pretty soon, mainly because you put so much effort in it. PS: If Paul thinks it might be helpful, he can still implement 1 or 2 of the above mentioned sources and/or even a direct google-book link. Please use the German forum for questions about guidelines, at least for the time being, as most of the discussions about rules are the same for German and English and we need to discuss them in one place.

Albanian-English online dictionary (Fjalor Anglisht-Shqip) developed to help you share your knowledge with others. Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome!

ISBN ISSN: 2308 – 0825; Teaching English to Students with Different Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds / International Conference: Communication and Society: Verbal and Noverbal Interactions and Stereotypes of Communication / University of Shkodra , Shkodër, Albania, 11 / 2012. ISBN 1857-579X; The EFL Teaching in SEE-University / Academic days of Timisoara.

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Ky fragmenti do analizohet dhe do paraqitet ne nje konference.

Por po veshtiresohem te perkthej ne anglisht shprehjen shqiptare "car te plasin dhe te rrjedhin." Ndodh ne kete kontekst: A: Car do tani? E kuptoj qe perkthim te sakte ne kete rast nuk ka, por mund te propozoni shprehje ose shpjegime qe mund ta ndihmojne nje Kanades ose Amerikan ta kuptoje kete shprehje kaq idiomatike? Hello, please help me I need a translation to an Albanian Catholic religious song, "ZOJES SE SHKODRES", it is the Albanian version of "AVE MARIA" T’falem, o Mërí, Virgjin plot hír, Ti ndër tallaze, je hyll i mirë.TEMPUS, Maribor, Slovenia, 2012; The Role of Social and Cultural Background in Learning English as a Foreign Language / Institute of Alb-Shkenca, Vol. Source language(s): All languages Target language(s): All languages Details of the project: For Dubbing - Genre (Animation/Live Action/Movie): Live Action Series - Episodes x Minutes: 16 x 60min - Number of Voice Actors Required: 11 - Delivery Format (DX Stems, 2.0 Stereo, 5.1 Mix for dubbing) / (srt or dfxp for subtitling): WAV format, DX stems, M&E Stems.Thank you very much I received this as part of a response from my Albanian friend (Macedonian) after I told him about my godson who is in hospital with heart problems. Pretty limited amount of words, but still better than nothing.Tried to find some decent online sources to verify more entries, but its pretty sparse out there. l=Albanian and for DE/SQ) Pretty much the same for me with Hungarian dictionaries.B: Duket q wsht e madhe o njeriii A: haha e di mo lale (photo) B: Ktu shuuum m mir Duke person i lirsheem pa kompleksee Dhe qenka sweet A: Nuk...