It was released in the United States on Friday, August 8, 1986.

The film's storyline follows the same continuity as the Transformers cartoon.

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In 1981, when the first space shuttle circled the earth, Mc Auliffe made sure her students took note.

Three years later, President Ronald Reagan and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced a bold new program, the Teacher in Space Project.

Around this time, Mc Auliffe began her career as an educator, teaching American history and English to junior high school students in Maryland. After earning a master's degree in education from Bowie State College in 1978, Mc Auliffe and her family moved to New Hampshire.

She landed a teaching job at a high school in Concord, and gave birth to a second child, Caroline.

The third delay was because of inclement weather at the launch site.

One final delay was due to a technical problem with a door latch mechanism.

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After her death, this courageous educator received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.