For a teen who is gay, for example, this struggle can in many instances be that much more difficult, as negative things he has heard or read about gay people can affect his journey of self-discovery.

Such negative messages can also hinder teenagers acceptance of their sexuality and their comfort with being open with others.

The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are also applied to bi-curiosity. Do I imagine relationships with someone of the same gender?

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The teen years can be a frightening time, as adolescents try to understand the changes in their bodies and their new and different feelings.

Theyre also working to become more independent and become their own person while, at the same time, struggling to fit in.

The time to explore such issues varies from individual to individual.

It can also be tremendously helpful to have peers and adults who are accepting, supportive and open to talking about this complicated issue.

If I dated or had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender, how did it make me feel?

Do I feel strongly attracted to people of both genders?

When a person is questioning his or her sexual orientation or identity, they are vulnerable to outside influences forcing them to attempt to live as something they are not.

These outside influences might try to coerce the questioning or curious individual into believing that their way is the right way or the better way. A year ago I met someone in an online forum and we became really good friends. I almost always want to hug him and snuggle up next to him. For myself, I am confident of my sexuality because I experimented and learned things about myself as a result. And, to be honest, I'm happier now that I'm no longer trying to fight against it.

Being "bi-curious," "gay curious," and "questioning" refer to people who are unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. People who are "curious" or "questioning" often go through a period of self exploration. They may experiment with their feelings and attractions to see what identity would best describe them.