They’re always ready to “upgrade.” To compensate for the fact that you may be exchanged for a newer, younger, hotter, richer or simply different model at any point in the relationship, you need to do more and more things to satisfy the psychopath. He makes you believe that the reason he is so free with his love is because of you. He’ll use the fact that he’s convinced you to sleep with him in the church prayer room as proof that you’re the whore he always suspected you were.Which is exactly what he wants from you in the first place: a total capitulation to his will. He’ll use the naughty pictures he took of you against you if you ever try to leave before he’s finished with you, because the sociopath’s only goal is to win at all costs.It may seem exciting to play erotic games or to talk in a raunchy manner.

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They tell you what make-up to wear or to wear no make-up at all.

Some psychopaths instruct women to dress very modestly, to cover themselves practically from head to toe, so that they won’t tempt other men.

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They come on strong, and as students of human behavior, quickly learn what it is that you need, and give it to you. And once you fall, no one will be there to catch you.

Because when you fall hard, you’ll hurt yourself, break something, or even kill yourself.

What’s worse, it also becomes normative, since psychopaths enjoy controlling you.

They tell you how to dress and what to do or say to please them.

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