Unlike those from the dating missions, this two player location will never go away.

Two player mode in Bone County Starting at the abandoned airstrip, go west and north onto the road.

Successfully complete level 12 of the fire truck missions to make CJ fireproof.

Easily complete fire truck missions Bring a fire truck from another location into Angel Pine, then start the mission.

Additionally, once you get your girlfriend, take her on a date.

After you drop her off, there will be a rotating icon of two people directly in front of the door. It will tell you to push any button on the controller two.

Drive under the first bridge and continue to go straight. After this, you should drive under a second bridge. Two player mode in San Fierro Not far from the garage you own and beyond the construction area is a large building with a parking lot on either side, on the right side (north according to the map) is a two player icon.

Multiple people types can be selected by the second player (three women and three men).

Two player mode in Tierra Robada Start at your safe house in El Quebrados.

Get on the street and follow it a short distance south until it turns left around the corner of a building.

Note: If both enter a car, the passenger will have free aim with a machine gun.

Do not try to kill Denise, because you will never be able to date her again or play in two player mode at her house.

You can modify the acceleration, top speed, mass, monetary value, transmission, gravity center, and much more.