And for the first time in history that hammer is being held by a woman." Almost, Whoopi. Marvel Comics announced this week it will introduce a new God of Thunder in the new comic series , the hammer of Thor, in her grasp. But there’s never been a female Thor." The inscription of Moss joked that it’s time to update the inscription.Neil Johnson, owner of Emerald City Comics in Clearwater, Fla., said that, "All through the history of that character, when Thor’s been knocked out by a supervillain or whatever, there have been characters that have been worthy enough to pick up and wield the hammer." Several female heroes have been "worthy" of holding the weapon, joining Superman, Captain America and male heroes deemed worthy.

A perfect example of how Waititi made Waititi came to the set with ideas divorced from whatever hero’s journey was supposed to be going on, opting to instead focus on silly characters and how they could create comedy.

One day there were ridiculous-looking weapons on set that he wanted to make fun of, so , Vulture’s podcast about jokes and those who tell them.

So, I started making jokes about how long it would take to kill someone with a corkscrew sword — you’d have to get them to sit still while you wound it in, and then getting it out would be really hard as well.

We just started improvising, ad-libbing, and making fun of all these weapons.

And for the first time in history that hammer is being held by a woman." It appears Goldberg mixed up her talking points.

While this is the first time a woman will be Thor, it’s not the first time a woman has held Thor’s hammer.

American comedy can be people basically talking as soon as possible.

American comedy is often “lists of.” There’s a certain trend which is like, “I’m gonna ad-lib in the scene, but all I’m gonna do is just come up with ten different plays on this word, or ten different puns as quickly as possible.” And it just cuts [], and I feel like sometimes it lacks an actual conversation.

(And so she lost.) And then there was the Earth-X miniseries in which Odin transformed Thor into a female version of himself per the urging of Thor’s mischievous brother Loki (see the ) that those are considered non-canon and should not count.