They also found features similar to ‘trade winds’ that transport gas beneath the Sun’s fiery surface.” Rivers of plasma are electric currents. Regardless of the direction of the main driving current coming into the Sun, the eleven-year reversal of the magnetic loops can be explained by the change of the speeds of the polar fields.

If the main magnetic field starts to weaken in speed, the secondary (surface) current will reverse direction.

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Consequently the magnetic polarity of the loops will also reverse.

If a filament is flowing southward from near the Sun’s north pole and it is on or just beneath the Sun’s surface, a looping magnetic field will emerge to the east of the current creating a north magnetic pole there.

The change of sunspot’s polarity implies changes in the speeds of the polar magnetic fields of the Sun.

We observe such change relative to a fixed value of equatorial speed of 25.75 days.

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It is highly likely that such a current system has already been discovered.

Stanford University recently announced: “Scientists using the joint European Space Agency (ESA)/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft have discovered ‘jet streams’ or ‘rivers’ of hot, electrically charged gas (plasma) flowing beneath the surface of the Sun.

In the beginning of a new cycle, the polarity of the sunspot changes from north into south.