Houseparty is a new group video chat app available on both apple and android devices.

You can add friends based on the phone numbers you have stored in your contacts or search for their usernames.

The pair were recently profiled in , and they sound, well, insufferable. The way that Monkey pairs people up to chat in the first place is somewhat novel as well.

Their app, which has earned them props from Apple’s Tim Cook, already has 50,000 users, and Pasternak and Turner are reveling in success and flaunting wealth. All you see at first is a potential chatting buddy’s age and their country from which they’re chatting.

A Houseparty user has no control what another user does, which could include taking screenshots of the group chat and/or video recording the chat.

Saying something inappropriate, even in jest, can have horrible consequences.

In many ways, the app is tailored to these younger users: emoji are sprinkled liberally throughout the app and the app's interface, which launches directly in the camera, feels remarkably similar to Snapchat.

Its creators say it encourages users to have frequent, candid conversations with their friends and family.

Based on this alone, you both need to hit accept the invite to start chatting.

Then, once you’re connected, a countdown clock starts.

They weren’t looking at the camera, but I only got to observe them for a second before the phone turned to show an unflattering angle of some portly guy with bad skin. You’ve never seen a white dude before you fucking—“ the guy started yelling, before Monkey’s time-limit cut our conversation short.