Shu comes and says that Ren dating NANA is a big surprise. We then cut to see the mass of crying fan girls who are all upset because Ren is in a relationship.

He sees Yuki and puts his arm around him, asking if he wants to go out that night for a little love injection until morning. Needless to say Ren is less than amused, especially when Miko comes up and congratulates him saying they look good together. As such, Miko must give up her room to her aunt and bunk with one of the other members until her aunt leaves.

Yuki declines and Toru’s voice suddenly deepens as he says that Yuki is obviously like him. Ando asks Miko to choose and she carefully looks from face to face [Yuki looks worried and Shu looks like he really wants Miko to choose him while Ren looks like she had better not say his name], but decides on Ren.

NANA tries to break away, but Ren won’t let her…after all, wasn’t this public relationship what she really wanted? NANA asks Ren if he thinks that will make her shut up. He then freaks out when he pictures “Mio” as his girlfriend. The party is interrupted by Ando and Miko’s aunt’s arrival.

NANA tells him not to be naïve and then says that they must stay together until she decides to “break up” and if he ever angers her, she will reveal Mio’s secret. Yuuki freaks out and walks off just as Toru comes out all upset that his “Ren-sama” is now dating NANA. That night Ren comes home to a congratulations party for him dating NANA. Apparently Shigeko experienced a small house fire and now has nowhere to live, so she will be moving in with the boys for awhile.

Ren immediately refuses this [while Shu and Yuki look all depressed that Miko didn’t choose them] and Ando tells Miko to move in with him for the duration – they can sweat it out in the sauna.

Both Miko and Mabuchi shoot Ren glances and he caves in and grudgingly lets Miko stay in his room.I am doing my best to not constantly compare this to the original. Now, I think I only mention the original at the point where Miko sings “Without Words” [I think known as “Alone” in this version] and when Yuki does something unexpected at the end of the episode. We start right back where episode 3 left off – the infamous Ren grabbing NANA and kissing her to save Miko who watches on, heartbroken. Shu sees this and gives a very angsty look her way.Fujigaya is really good at these looks, but no one seems to notice them, weird, huh?Shu tells Miko that since she is a fan, she needs to be happy for Ren.Miko turns towards Shu and says that she will be a fan who is happy for Ren.In May last year, they were seen at a Teppanyaki shop in Tokyo. Takimoto also is the vocalist of the female band LAGOON.