33 percent said they would rather be single forever than date someone on the Trump Train.

While I find these results hilarious, I also find them a little bit ridiculous.

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I say if you don’t have enough confidence to put your picture up, or even one that a friend recommended, then I’m not interested.

If you state you are interested in a person who is less than 30 miles from your home and someone from Texas writes you, they did not read your profile. If someone doesn’t sound right or you get a bad feeling from their profile or picture, do not even answer them. If you send them a refusal, they may want to know why you didn’t want to date them. Do not settle for less than what you are looking for in a date. Do not go to their home, unless you have established a good relationship with them.

Don’t bother with them, they probably just liked your picture. Remember dates could lead to deeply meaningful relationships. Chances are good that you and them will be alive the next day or two for you to get to know each other. There are many things that can happen to a guy or a girl on a date. Do not date a guy or girl who does not treat you with respect.

In all seriousness, this presidential election has undoubtedly brought out the worst in everyone.

Most people don’t feel comfortable sharing their opinions for fear of being misjudged, and with election day just hours away, tensions are at their highest.I would like for someone to comment that my survey revealed a lot of qualities they found interesting or intelligent. In your profile, don’t give away personal information. That way there are no expectations or guilt trips available. Another man I spoke with had lost his wife to cancer three years earlier. After we corresponded a few times, I gave him my number. I felt he was still grieving for his wife and his son had just moved out and he was lonesome.(My survey answers and profile are there to show my uniqueness, things I am interested in, or not interested in. Do not ever give your phone number to a stranger, no matter how good they sound! If you must give your name, only use your first name. If you connect with someone and find that you don’t like them after a few messages, you don’t want them to call you repeatedly trying to convince you otherwise. In your profile you can narrow the field by posting things that would turn off the person you wouldn’t want to date anyway. Tell someone where you are going and that you will check in with them or have them call you, just to be sure you have support if you need it. If someone says something out of line or inappropriate, or makes you feel uncomfortable, drop them!! One man I messaged with, seemed nice until he told me he was on his bed while he was talking to me and that he just had his underwear on! He called me the next morning to see how I had slept. I wouldn’t recommend dating a desperate person; it will be harder to break off with them if things don’t work out and they need to resolve some of their issues. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go online if you are desperate.Dating and relationships can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming for Catholic teenagers.This guide is designed to steer them through this potential maze.Please enjoy this peaceful photo of us not fighting about politics.