The dating platform had also announced the ‘Sugar Baby of the Year’ content, where the winner was entitled to a prize worth 00.

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He got really made that I did that Lord, I’m dealing with a similar situation. I’ve never really been involved in anything like this and I only barely turned 18, so believe me when I say I know nothing about this line of work.

My main thing is he claims he is out of country rn and that his account manager needs my account name, number, routing number, and my online login. Don’t ever just ignore them people, REPORT THEM ON THE SITE THAT YOU FOUND THEM ON….

Some girls that have had great experiences with wealth men claim that these relationships strike the right balance between money and mentorship.

Every sugar daddy I have came across says they wanna put me on their payroll,so I need a bank.

I now assume this is because BOA is extremely secure.

So that is similar to me, never a sugar baby before came out of no where.

If a SD likes the photos you sent to them and wants to be your sugar daddy, He will find a real and truthful way to get that money to you if he has to walk it to you him self…

Never give out ANY info of your banking or anything…

As these young girls are looking to earn money to make a living, they eventually find wealthy companion that can help them out.