Rolls away past the boundary rope Ashwin to Chandimal, 3 runs, short and wide outside off. Third spinner to achieve that feat after Nathan Lyon and Herath. A single to square leg Dasun Shanaka, right handed bat, comes to the crease Ishant to Dickwella, out Caught by Kohli!! Second wicket for Ishant Sharma and he deserved this wicket.

Was tossed up well outside off, Chandimal fetches it from well outside off and goes for the slog sweep. Ashwin gives a bit of flight and Shanaka buries low to sweep. Shanaka steps out of his crease, and swings his bat hard in the direction of the spin.

Gets it off the top portion of the bat, the ball goes miles up and falls in the vacant deep mid-wicket region. Goes over the deep square leg fence Ashwin to Shanaka, FOUR, oh! Doesn't middle it, but has enough legs to go past the boundary rope Ishant to Shanaka, 1 run, bowls the short ball to the new batsman, Shanaka shuffles across a tad and pulls it off the top portion of the bat.

Ishant, bends low in his followthrough, can't latch onto it. Rahul, at mid-on, ran back, settled under it and took the skyer with both hands. Shanaka c Rahul b Ashwin 17(8) [4s-1 6s-2]Ashwin to Shanaka, THAT'S OUT!! He played with soft hands there and hence the ball rolled away Ashwin to Shanaka, SIX, in the air and six!

In and out Ashwin to Chandimal, FOUR, leg-break to finish the over. Once again, nowhere close to the middle, but has enough wings to go all the way.

But what's been important is the amount of cricket I have played in different conditions. The boys were great, the dressing room was great and I did learn a lot of things. It is a young career; only 50 matches or something like that. If we can continue the good work into the next 18 months then we will be in a good space. It is not easy bowling spin, there is a lot of work that goes into it.

I have worked on different loadings, different actions and all that. I have also played the holding role when I played there. We have bowled a lot of overs, me and Jaddu in the last 24 months. Ashwin: (1/2) Today was a bit funny in the morning because when we started off few balls spun a bit and few were keeping straight and obviously Jaddu broke first.

Ishant: I think the way Umesh, Shami and Bhuvi have been bowling it is tremendous.

This wicket was good to bat on for the first three days. But if you have no runs on the board, they can't do anything.

Ashwin and Ishant were the standouts with the ball for India. And then they immediately squandered the advantage by getting knocked off for just over 200. India are just 2 wickets away from going 1-0 in the 3-match Test series with five sessions left in the game. Jadeja got the early breakthrough and Thirimanne chased a wide ball. Chandimal puts on the dancing shoes and swings his bat hard.