The car was built on the same chassis as the bargain basement Echo with a cheap to manufacture and cheap feeling twist beam rear axle. It did many things well, but it was never what one might call “fun to drive.” The average age of Prius owners has been creeping up for years, as younger drivers looked for something with a little more pizzazz.

About as close as a commercial came to an ogle factor was two young women depicted as being repeatedly distracted in a Hyundai Elantra because they keep seeing hunky actor Reynolds everywhere as they drive in fictional "Ryanville." They are saved from an accident by their car's collision avoidance system. Gamemaker Pokemon Company International ran an ad that showed youngsters in a succession of athletic feats.

The uplifting message: "I can do this." The big game commercial from BMW's Mini division featured a list of stars like tennis' Williams, soccer's Abby Wambach, rapper T-Pain and actor Harvey Keitel urging viewers to "defy labels" that are put on people -- and cars. Oscar-winner Mirren starred in an anti-drunken driving ad from A-B’s Budweiser. No More, a coalition of advocacy groups, aired an ad designed to raise awareness around domestic violence and sexual assault.

The dancing, diaper-clad, drink-fetching pet - along with some sips of Kickstart -- work to get three guys up off a couch and moving.

While it didn't rank high in Ad Meter, it caused a sensation in the social media world.

They also lavished a record $5 million on 30 seconds of air time — up from about $4.4 million a year ago — to put their messages on the CBS broadcast.

While a good number of 2015's ads were on the somber side, for Super Bowl 2016, humor reigned supreme.

Ad Meter 2016: 'ENVY' Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC) Longing for a change?

There may be more you can do about your Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC).

One big benefit of hiring big-name stars: They have massive social media followings, so it just takes one tweet or a single Facebook post to dramatically ramp up buzz about their ads.

Hyundai used this technique to promote its winning ad, featuring Hart, as well as an ad featuring Ryan Reynolds.

This ad aired from a group of health care companies including Astra Zeneca.