Who can you recommend that will pick it up, fix it and return it??? Vidar (Norway) Norway Fri Jan 25 2008 dame at nz sachs engine gareli kl125 I have a gareli ,i think it may be a kl125 it is fairly intact minus its original sachs engine which i am trying to find . ma Garelli 1986 Rally front wheel Sat Oct 20 2007 pomhughes at btinternetdot com Petrol tank knee grips Garelli Junior Cross 1968 - 1972 I am looking for a pair of knee grips for a Junior Cross. The log book says it is a Garelli 1979 but I have been through the photos on the sites and it looks very much like a 1971 Garelli Katia (Blue). Newcastle upon Tyne Mon Jun 25 2007 russcarter22 at hotmaildot com manual required 1962/64 Benelli moped 50cc does anyone out there have a manual for this model, that i could purchase or photocopy,als a source of spares would be usefull.thanks. Wed Jun 27 2007 hawkr at Garelli moped late 1970's to early 80"s Gulp tyoe ??? I am looking for info on what it is and its worth today. (This bike is in North Carolina) South Carolina Mon Jun 11 2007 ptbsteve at aoldot com Moped restoration Europed Cortina 25 I have been given the above moped and would very much like to restore it. Recently I found this old Sabart - Garelli saw in Italy. I dont know if it takes straight gas or has a mixture. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire UK Wed Jan 17 2007 duwelautomotive at CARB 50cc GARELLI RALLY SPORT Looking for a carb and or carb rebuild kit Bike has been sitting for several years.

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Florida, US gmaildot com Certificat de conformité GARELLI KATIA Bonjour, Nous désirons un certificat de conformité pour une mobylette GARELLI KATIA; nous n'avons aucuns papiers ils ont été perdus N° sur cadre : 4690 OM année 1972 Merci gmaildot com Please help Garelli Rex I just purchased this Garelli Rex and was wondering if anyone would have any information on it. Also note that unlike my English model Rekord of 1973 she has niether pedals or speedo, will i need to fit these before taking an MOT test. None model on images on photo galleries quite matches. thanks Iowa Sun Jun 01 2008 storm.norman at gmaildot com replacement parts 1977 Garelli grand sport looking for a spark plug wire and a new pedal and arm for the right side.

It has SPA Meccanica Garelli Motore Garelli 374.94 cm on the motor, and Garelli 574, IGM, 2069 OM on the frame. Parts search Garelli 50cc 35177201 ; DGM 8657 0M Hello, could you please provide me with information and availability of the folowing part: CLUTCH SET for model 50cc (1965 or 1968)with engine N: DGM 8662 OM 2010OM Thank you Regards, Jordan Hristozkov Bulgaria hotmaildot com value, parts, Information. Any guidance you can offer me will be greatly appreciated as i cant wait to burn a little rubber. Mon Dec 01 2008 tpfaff100 at yahoodot com Garelli KL125 w Sachs engine? I have never heard of a Garelli KL125 with a Sachs engine. Thanks, Thomas Californie Tue Nov 11 2008 savillecarlene at how much is this bike worth??? In order to restore it perfectly, I would appreciate any assistance, in identification, data, or any advice. I was wondering how many CC it was and I am assuming the white container along side the gas tank is an oil injection tank. Ohio, USA Garelli-1977-50cc-Grand-Sport Wed Mar 19 2008 smstearman at gmaildot com WTS 1965 KL 125 Garelli KL-125 I have a friend whose uncle is trying to sell his 1965 KL-125. It has 5,400 original miles on it - it's in pristine condition. Thank you John La Voie Thu May 24 2007 kountryboy4evr at yahoodot com In need of carbuator parts or carburator 1985 Garelli - Rally RS I got lucky and found an 1985 Garelli moped sitting in a barn in mint cond. The attached pic shows the bike before it was cleaned up.

Can you shed any light on what it is and what they are like. Thanks Paul Isle of Man By the early 1980s the 125 class was the most popular in Italy with well over 100,000 125cc motorcycles sold annually, and Garelli approached this market.

For 1983 they released the TSR 125 with a Minarelli watercooled engine.

I would really appreciate it if you could do me this favor.

kind regards, D Esau Wales yahoodot com 1981 Garelli rally sport trying to fix up this moped for my son. It seems to run fine so I would like to continue to fix this up for him but sadly can not find any parts to do so. Garelli Rally sl I would like information on removing the flywheel so I may replace the points and wires because of arcing inside the flywheel coming from points. Sun Sep 28 2008 dbabic8 at identification and assistance in restoration a Garelli Garelli Mosquito Purchased recently a Garelli Mosquito, so far unable to identify model.Garelli history notes: Made in Italy from 1919 to 1991 Also Brazil & Argentina c1985-1998 Some models including possibly the KL100 were fitted with Sachs engines. The KL150 Gladiator has a horizontal single very similar to an Aermacchi.Garelli History Sun, nadno1 at aol.comgarelli broncco 1969 TC/4 hello, any idea where owners manuals or clutch information and or parts may be had for a restoration project on this little mini/ motorcycle Neal Derochiesioux city, iowa 51103 USA Thu, simonpreston64 at Garelli HSHi I have found a 1974/5 Garelli frame and engine VIn starts with HS* could you identify model?We report on construction projects from their early planning stages and provide continued status updates on the projects as they progress through the development and construction process.You will have access to current, future and past data dating back to 2005.is it worth anything Simon Prestonlimerick Ireland posted to Comments Wed, peterthea at home.nlreperatie monza type354 bzkw Hallo: Ik ben op zoek naar een krukas garelli monza dat is een krukas met dichte wangende WITHoogezand Netherlands Translation: Hello: I'm looking for a crankshaft garelli monza that's a crankshaft with tight cheeks.