I have never done this before and feel nervous about just walking into the event!Well first of all we have a private room at Murphy and Scarletti’s which makes it a bit easier.

speed dating events in stamford ct-80

Enjoy: * Ice breaker games to get you mingling with other fun people.

* Fun party music (at a sensible noise level) * Prize Giveaways *Cash Bar *Cash food$ 10 at the door if you rsvp on this page.

You know what it is like when you are sitting at a bar!

You spot a beautiful lady across the room and feel that instant attraction.

Currently we have speed dating events in the Hartford CT area, Boston MA, Cape Cod MA, Stamford CT, and New Haven CT.

Happy hour food will be available to all participants and a cash bar.If we have an uneven number we just rotate that extra person out and I have never had a complaint! If you would like to create a separate email address just for your speed dating matches I would suggest doing that as opposed to sharing a business email.If you don’t want to share your phone number than you can just type 999. With spam filters and technical problems you just may miss an important message. The truth is that we typically do get a few repeats at these events. If I have 4 repeat guys and 1 repeat girl I will look up to see if she has met them before. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event I will give you a full refund.When the bell rings the men rotate to the next single lady. If you made a match you will receive that persons email address and phone number that evening and they will receive your information as well.And this continues every 5 minutes until you have had a chance to meet everyone. What if I don’t want to share some of my contact information?This event is primarily for ages 20's, 30's and 40's (but all ages are welcome) and is for single people, new-in-towners, couples, people who have been in the Stamford or Connecticut area, those visiting etc.