It could also mean a woman who embraces a hippie lifestyle; that would explain the word association of granola and hippie.

That slang expression also clues you into how granola came about. You must have eaten your share of Graham Crackers or your mother must have been used them as “cushions” for her tarts and pies. Graham was a zealous nutritionist and a Presbyterian minister who preached wholesome eating.

As the health movement reached new heights in the early 70s, the cereal concept was given a new twist and almost simultaneously, these events took place: History of Granola: Other Versions Your granny may have heard other stories about the history of granola.

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Let your mixture cool, store it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator.

Serve your granola with yogurt combined with fresh fruit if you like.

The desire was to turn it into a convenient health snack. Sarah Amandolare, in her online article, The Foodie: Granola (October 2008) mentioned how Layton Gentry in the 1900s created his Crunchy Granola, the formula of which he later sold to Tennessee company Soxex Inc (or Sovex).

It has since become a popular product in the United States and in other countries. After a History of Granola, Some Wisdom “Bites” Now that you know something about the history of granola, let’s dive into some nutrition “bibles” and see what they have to say about granola as a health food.

If you wade through granola literature – especially its history – there may be variations in the facts and timelines but they all point to one thing: man’s pursuit for health…and what happens after that pursuit is successful. The people behind the cereal industry have amassed wealth because of their efforts at bringing wholesome nuts and grains to the tables of millions of people. He was all out for the vegetarian diet and urged people to avoid meat, alcohol and caffeine. That led to his concoction of Graham crackers which may have given rise to the early granola movement. Caleb Jackson from New York, who was charmed by the spa and hydrotherapy concepts, also took the initiative of pushing for a healthy diet. A major component of his diet was granula – a kind of Graham flour that went through several steps, the idea being to have it broken down in tiny pieces (after it has been baked dry, cracked and then baked again). The health movement was gathering up speed at that time with emphasis on whole grains. Kellogg, however, wanted to turn the boring whole grain diet into something more stimulating for the taste buds.

Then in the 1850s somewhere in Michigan, the Seventh Day Adventist Church took shape and was headed by Dr. He took his whole grains, baked them, and developed them into a breakfast food which he called granula.

That’s because he was known for developing the first bar of granola.

At the time the big four cereal companies were developing granola, they marketed it as loose granola – in cereal form to be eaten in a bowl.

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Look closely at your cereal box and imagine yourself being transported way, way back into the 1700s when grains were just coming together.