A fisherman in the foreground prepares to set out into the water while one in the background is already hard at work.Teodoro draws inspiration from his childhood spending plenty of time at the Santa Rosa beach at the north coast of Peru. As day breaks the tenuous sunlight reveals the presence of a boat tied on the sandy shores of Mancura Beach (Piura) inspiring Alberto Herrera.

Working in cool colors he captures purple clouds tinged with gold as the sun slips into the sea.

All is peace and magic in this beautiful seascape painting. A melancholy mermaid sits on the beach as she prepares a feast.

This is my nostalgia for Cassino Beach in Rio Grande do Sul she confides. During vacation from school boys romp and play at the beach.

Two practice capoeira moves in the shallows while another ventures deeper into the sea.

Brazilian artist Vladimir exalts nature in his Bathers and Mountains series featuring acrylics on black and white photography.

It is the product of long years of observing sunbathers on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro confides Vladimir.Rowing up to shore fishermen bring their catch to the women setting up shop on the beach.A flurry of blue and white creates a surreal illusion as Ghanaian artist Henry Appiah paints this portrait of tradition with acrylics.Painting with oils he meticulously details the grainy beach to contrast with the boat's wooden textures and the ocean's blue waters.A welcoming sense of tranquility exudes from this painting from Peru.Working in watercolor Godwin Atta Geoman depicts a sunny hamlet on the outskirts of Cape Coast.