31, 2004, Britney went on KISS FM and said that she had a new album coming out in the following year called Original Doll.

There is an entry for it on the music video database website.

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Jive insisted on a different method of death, so she ran away from the paparazzi before drowning in the tub." For years and years, it was a legend in the Britney community that there was an alternate version of "Gimme More." Britney spent $30,000 of her own money on the video that included some sort of funeral scene. It's unknown if this is the final version or if there are more scenes.

Britney Spears has released an impressive 42 music videos over the course of her career that featured an even larger number of video boys, hot backup dancers, and male celebrities alike.

Rappers like Azealia Banks have decried the white Australian rapper’s penchant for racial appropriation, history of racist tweets, her rapped claim that she’s a “runaway slave-master,” and her silence on issues affecting the African-American community.

Black MCs have loudly campaigned against her, she’s been trolled by Snoop Dogg with White Chicks comparisons, and Q-Tip even offered her a well-meaning cultural lesson.

The first show was December 27, 2013, and the last will be December 31, 2015.

On the opposite end of the touring spectrum is Azalea, who was forced to cancel her tour in late May owing to a variety of factors.

According to Wikipedia, "The original concept was to portray Spears in a dream, lamenting over her ex-lover, by whom she was secretly pregnant with their child, but Jive immediately withdrew the idea once it was leaked to the public and received negative reception." Rolling Stone reported: "Her concept was to die in an overflowing bathtub with pills and booze strewn around, and get reincarnated as a baby.

There were demons that she was battling, and she wanted everyone to know.

Let’s get one thing straight: “Pretty Girls” is a very bad song.

It sounds like “Fancy” if it was thrown in a blender with a pack of spotted hyenas, a set of dull knives, and shitty raps (“It’s just so funny…like bees to the honey!

bye girls.”In 2012, Spears was named the highest-earning female musician in the land, taking in million.