Women unfit to rule The lack of trust in women in power may have its roots in Chinese history, says Chenni Xu, a member of the Beijing Women’s Network.She says the general public often notes the examples set by the three most powerful women in Chinese history.But China watchers say anyone following the meetings should not expect women to be given any major positions.

FILE - Newly-named Chinese vice Premier Liu Yandong walks past top leaders, including (front row from left to right), National People's Congress chairman Zhang Dejiang and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, China, March 16, 2013 Observers say correcting the imbalance is important if the party wants to remain relevant, but the attention seems to be on other programs.

“The only achievement in the past couple of years is China’s (first) national law against domestic violence,” said Vaya Chen of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

“There are a lot of women in civil services positions at the local level, but it is difficult for them,” a man named Liu told VOA.

He added that women don’t have as much time as men to work their way up in the government.

Chenni Xu of the Women’s Network agrees with the 30 percent target.

She said Chinese women should be empowered and the barriers that deny equal treatment must be removed.

China’s Communist Party holds its party congress and makes leadership changes once every five years. Many people will be watching those meetings to see who President Xi Jinping appoints to top political positions.

The party congress is a major event for the group that single-handedly rules the country.

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“That shows a lot about the government’s emphasis on women’s family role and a harmonious society.