Mrz 2010 ausgesetzt worden sei.(AOC) of the air carrier Baleares Link Express and suspended the AOC of the air carrier Euro Continental on 12 January 2010; the competent authorities of Germany suspended the AOC of Regional Air Express as of 28 January 2010; the competent authorities of the UK informed that the AOC of the carrier Trans Euro Air Limited was suspended on 08 December 2009; the competent authorities of Slovakia informed in writing that the AOC of the carrier Air Slovakia was suspended on 01 March 2010. (1) How long shall we, who are aged men, still be like children, being indeed as to our bodies gray-headed through the length of time that we have lived, but as to our souls utterly infantine through our want of sense and sensibility, looking upon that which is the most unstable of all things, namely, fortune, as most invariable, and that which is of all things in the world the most steadfast, namely, nature, as utterly untrustworthy?

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setzten sich auch spter in den israelischen Medien mit den aufgeworfenen Fragen um die Zukunft des Staates auseinander.

needs to be paid to them: the representatives of the Knesset and political associations etc.

(6) For reason cannot make such advances as to attain to a thorough comprehension of God, who can neither be touched nor handled; but it withdraws from and falls short of such a height, being unable to employ appropriate language as a step towards the manifestation (I will not say of the living God, for even if the whole heaven were to become endowed with articulate voice, it would not be furnished with felicitous and appropriate expressions to do justice to such a subject); but even of his subordinate powers, those, for instance, by which he created the world and by which he reigns over it as its king, and by which he foresees the future, and all his other beneficent, and chastising, and corrective powers.

(7) Unless, indeed, we ought to class his correction among his beneficent powers, not only because such a display is a portion of his laws and ordinances (for law is made up of two things, the honour of the good, and the chastisement of the wicked), but also because punishment reproves, and very often even corrects, and ameliorates those who have done wrong; and if it fails to do so with respect to them, at all events it does so to those who are near the offenders thus punished; for the punishment of others makes most men better, for fear lest they themselves should suffer the same things. (8) For who-when he saw Gaius, after the death of Tiberius Caesar, assuming the sovereignty of the whole world in a condition free from all sedition, and regulated by and obedient to admirable laws, and adapted to unanimity and harmony in all its parts, east and west, south and north; the barbarian nations being in harmony with the Greeks, and the Greeks with the barbarians, and the soldiers with the body of private citizens, and the citizens with the military; so that they all partook of and enjoyed one common universal peace-could fail to marvel at and be amazed at his extraordinary and unspeakable good fortune, (9) since he had thus succeeded to a ready-made inheritance of all good things, collected together as it were in one heap, namely, to numerous and vast treasures of money, and silver and gold, some in bullion, and some in coined money, and some again being devoted to articles of luxury, in drinking cups and other vessels, which are made for display and magnificence; and also countless hosts of troops, infantry, and cavalry, and naval forces, and revenues which were supplied in a never-ending stream as from a fountain; (10) and the sovereignty of the most numerous, and most valuable, and important portions of the habitable world, which is fact one may fairly call the whole world, being not only all that is bounded by the two rivers, the Euphrates and the Rhine; the one of which confines Germany and all the more uncivilised nations; and the Euphrates, on the other hand, bridles Parthia and the nations of the Sarmatians and Scythians, which are not less barbarous and uncivilised than the Germanic tribes; but, even as I said before, all the world, from the rising to the setting sun, all the land in short on this side of the Ocean and beyond the Ocean, at which all the Roman people and all Italy rejoiced, and even all the Asiatic and European nations.

Januar 2010 haben die zustndigen Behrden Deutschlands das Luftverkehrsbetreiberzeugnis des Luftfahrtunternehmens Regional Air Express ausgesetzt; die zustndigen Behrden des Vereinigten Knigreichs teilten mit, dass das Luftverkehrsbetreiberzeugnis des Luftfahrtunternehmens Trans Euro Air Limited am 8.

Dezember 2009 ausgesetzt worden sei; die zustndigen Behrden der Slowakei teilten schriftlich mit, dass das Luftverkehrsbetreiberzeugnis des Luftfahrtunternehmens Air Slovakia am 1.You are dedicating yourselves to the community of values of the twenty-first century and, as President of the European Council, I am very conscious that, when it comes to progress in the area of the fight against terrorism, a powerful implementation of the Lisbon strategy, having time for the follow-up to Tampere and all we can only be successful when we have a high level of cooperation between your Parliament, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council, and therefore I am so delighted with the contributions you have made this morning and this afternoon, not only your observations of support, but also your critical observations.(AOC) des Luftfahrtunternehmens Baleares Link Express eingeleitet und am 12.Januar 2010 das Luftverkehrsbetreiberzeugnis des Luftfahrtunternehmens Euro Continental ausgesetzt; am 28.(3) Nevertheless, the existing opportunity and the many and important proportions which arise to be decided on at the present time, even if some people should be incredulous that the Deity exercises a providential foresight with regard to human affairs, and especially on behalf of a nation which addresses its supplications to him, which belongs especially to the father and sovereign of the universe, and the great cause of all things; and these propositions are sufficient to persuade them of this Truth.(4) And this nation of suppliants is in the Chaldaic language called Israel, but when the name is translated into the Greek language it is called, "the seeing nation;" which appellation appears to me to be the most honourable of all things in the world, whether private or public; (5) for if the sight of elders, or instructors, or rulers, or parents, excites those who behold them to reverence and orderly conduct, and to an admiration of and desire for a life of moderation and temperance, how great a bulwark of virtue and excellence must we not expect to find in those souls which, after having investigated the nature of every created thing, have learnt to contemplate the uncreated and Divine Being, the first good of all, the one beautiful, and happy, and glorious, and blessed being; better, if one is to tell the plain truth, than the good itself; more beautiful than the beautiful itself; more happy than happiness itself; more blessed than blessedness itself; and, in short, if anything else in the world is so, more perfect than any one of the abovementioned things.(24) And, as some person say, if Tiberius had lived a short time longer, Gaius would have been made away with, as he began to be looked upon by him with unalterable suspicion, and the genuine grandson of Tiberius would have been named the future emperor, and the inheritor of his paternal kingdom.