The vast amount of knowledge accumulated in these disciplines throughout science’s brief history is barely a fraction of what is necessary to understand the forces and processes of the earth.

Researchers and academics in the earth science fields continue the quest for understanding and advancement; striving to discover solutions for current concerns and to predict potential future issues and events.

Gone are the days of carefree learning and socializing with friends.

Now you need to decide what you are going to do with the rest of your life and that is no small decision to make.

Beyond academic advising available in each academic college, the university has advising and mentoring programs.

The Academic Success Center (ASC) in MSR 210 is the centralized location for undergraduate, undeclared and general education advising needs.

Business and Administrative Studies include courses in the disciplines of Accounting, Administration, Applied Studies, Communications, Computers and Management Information Systems, e-Commerce, Economics, Finance, Governance, Health Administration, Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations, Legal Studies, Management Science, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, and Taxation.

AU’s division of courses into groups of related subjects.

Coffee and Cigarettes: Though she was officially a married woman, Mary-Kate proved she was still the same gal she's always been, making her post-wedding debut in NYC by stepping out with her go-to coffee-and-cigarette combo.


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