# New It is possible to change text color in chat and character profile.It can give your profile a very unique look and attract people.Select a gender for your character, enter a name for her/him and click "create character". Filling it is optional but if you write some details about you (or your avatar in case of roleplay) will help you to attract more people to talk to you.

Sexchat example-30

Applause: Your character will applause to the direction you're facing.

Run & Walk: Defines the movement speed your character will travel the world of 3DXChat. This is a stand alone sex menu, no furniture required.

Arrow up/down or W/S key moves your camera forward and backward.

Arrow left/right or A/D key moves your camera left and right. Make your camera facing the floor (right mouse button down) 2.

You see world and local chat if you are in an open user room or at any official location.

If you are at your home and it is not open for either friends or all, you will not have any chat option besides of World and Local chat (open a room: click "open room" at the bottom left).Click "Play" to enter the game with this character.Click Icon in middle will let you change the profile of this character. After you entered the game with your very first character you will find yourself in your "Home 1".Press arrow up key for going closer to the pinky bits.2 Cum (active while sex) 3 Hide/Show Penis (available for females while having FF sex) ESC Menu (ESC again closes menu) F1 Game Settings F5 Spy Cam (WASD/Arrow key camera movement) SHIFT O Oculus Rift mode SHIFT Z Hide/Show Interface (good for taking screenshots) SHIFT C Hide/Show Mouse Cursor SHIFT X Background Blur, focus on character (good for screenshots) Enter/Return Shows Chat Box (if not visible) First off, if you do not see a chat box press Enter.You can use basic IBB board/HTML compliant codes for this.