Five of the stories following the intimacies of straight couples, ...

See full summary » 16 year old SON has finished his exams with his mum's blessing is allowed to celebrate with his best girlfriend in a gay nightclub.

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Seduced by the music and atmosphere he finds himself in a...

See full summary » Michael and Janie are a pair of young grad students living together on a quiet college campus.

One day, Janie discovers that Michael has been cheating on her. See full summary » Charlie Taylor gets a surprise release from jail after a year for a crime he denies committing.

His songwriter girlfriend Randi is glad he's back and calls on an ex-boyfriend, Carl Olsen, to get Charlie a job.

Here, unlike her previous dealings with potential employers, her (female) boss is kind, caring, and sensitive.

Later, she begins to get too engrossed in her work and starts to lose touch with reality, represented by her friend and neighbor, Jimmy.Students explore the writing of ancient Egyptians using self-directed activity booklets and a scarab reproduction.Activities include reading the inscription on the scarab, and learning how to write in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.Rebecca is a gorgeous and sensitive woman who's looking for love ... Unfortunately, her affluent husbands die prematurely. The police start to suspect she's a killer marrying ...See full synopsis » An Croatian erotic anthology of seven short stories directed by Irena Skoric, all revolving around sex and relationships.Theresa Randle plays an actress trying to get a part who is _not_ willing to do anything.